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I always feel best when I finish a session and I have captured REAL smiles. You know, the ones that you as Mom and Dad get. The ones that show how happy and loved your little peanuts are. I just cannot get enough of them…just look how happy and loved these precious kids are!

South Hills Mt. Lebanon PhotographerUntitled 142

The eyes, the lips… the sweet Ms. G. Holy Cow is she is a stunner! Watch out world!


South Hills Mt. Lebanon PhotographerUntitled 134

These DARLING kids came to see me all the way from NY. Both so cute and so sweet. Ms. H was a smart cookie who thought my knock knock jokes were pretty funny. Little Mr. I was a character and could be the fastest kid I have ever met!

Hope you enjoy these mom and dad, you’ve got some heartbreakers here!


South Hills Mt. Lebanon PhotographerUntitled 115

Mom called me this week and said that she taken little Ms. N to JC Penny for her 3 year old pictures… but it didn’t go so well….she was really worried I wouldn’t be able to get little N to smile without “her scrunching up her face into an exaggerated ‘cheese’ face.” I told her not to worry…

South Hills Mt. Lebanon PhotographerUntitled 124



Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Today I captured my girls in an embrace of love….or the real reason we are late to school every day…I mean, could you break this up?

South Hills Mt. Lebanon PhotographerDSC 4636 copy3

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