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I did some location scouting after school today. My sweet girl was such a trooper to get out and give me some shots even though it was 50 degrees and she was FREEZING! She really is my ray of sunshine. Even in boots that were too big and a jacket she wore when she was 4 she gave me her best. Love this kid!

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Newborn sessions are always a challenge, but this one threw me a curve ball as Mr. R was 2 months old for our session. This little guy made his entrance to the world a month early, which put our session back a bit– you’d never know he was a premie!

I was so happy to finally meet his adorable mother (who looks like she never gave birth!) and his patient Dad. This guy is going to have a great life.

Introducing Baby R…



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I decided to play hookie today and take my kids out “location scouting” on this beautiful spring day. 80 degrees in March? Heaven! We hit the playground, got some ice cream and stopped to buy tulips. A perfect way to spend the afternoon! Three quick shot of my babies and my lovely new tulips in the kitchen.

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I am doing a series of photographs of my kids for our playroom featuring their “favorite” things. Here is my little Superboy. I seriously could just snuggle this kid all day long. Here are some of my favorite shots from today…(I love his natural little head tilt)

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My Ballerina Girl

March 6, 2012

Six years ago I was blessed to bring this child into the world. She is an old soul. She is as sweet and smart as she is beautiful. Her imagination and her creativity bring so much life into our home. I honestly do not know what I would do without her most days, she’s my right arm when it comes to taking care of her siblings. I have been working with textures recently, just trying out some new things…this was a totally un-staged photo. I merely asked her to stand in the studio for a second while I tried something. (We were on our way to her dance class).

This was what she gave me…

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographerdancerw

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