Tonight I shot this beautiful girl. I was so excited to meet her and do this session because I knew she would “work” it and man did she ever!

Meet Hannah:

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer4 copy13

Best Book I’ve Read: twilight

Mac or PC? Mac

If I Inherited a Million Bucks Today I would: open an animal shelter

My Favorite Food is: chocolate!

Last Thing I Bought: hair extensions

My Favorite Movie is: love and basketball

South Hills Mt. Lebanon PhotographerUntitled 11

At Starbuck’s My Usual is: a strawberry smoothie or a passion ice tea

My Favorite Place to Shop is: holllister.. i work there…

Sunday Mornings You Will Find Me: playing basketball

Friday night You Will Find Me: Working

One Goal I have this Year: get into the college i want to go to

Place I Most Want to Visit: ireland

Gadget I MUST Have: My iPhone

Something That Makes Me Happy: seeing other people happy

South Hills Mt. Lebanon PhotographerUntitled 21

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: double chocolate fudge

Something That is Over-rated: yolo

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer9 copy1

Good Luck next year! Have fun with the monkeys!

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