I was very excited to meet this gorgeous young lady! You see, her mother is a rock star in my eyes. (She delivered two of my kids and helped me through probably the hardest thing I have ever done in my life!)
I will never forget her dedication to me–having worked around the clock on little to no sleep and getting sick–she still gave me 100% of her attention and energy. I was honored to give her something back in return. Her daughter is just as lovely as her mother inside and out.

Meet Mary:

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Absolute Favorite place: my bedroom

Biggest celebrity crush: Zac Efron

favorite reality show: bachelor pad

favorite snack food: cheese its

favorite color: navy

most recent download to my ipod: daylight by matt and kim

best book i’ve read: to kill a mockingbird

mac or pc? mac

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If i inherited a million bucks today I would: pay my brother and I’s college tuition

Favorite Food: hamburger and fries

Last thing I bought: concert ticket

My favorite movie: indiana Jones

Starbucks: don’t drink coffe unsure

my favorite place to shop: Target

Sunday Mornings you will find me: Church at St. Bernards

Friday night you will find me: out with friends

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one goal I have this year: committ to a college

Place I most want to visit: archeology digs in Egypt

Gadget I must have: phone

something that makes me happy: fall nights

Favorite Ice cream flavor: moosetracks

something that is overrated: twitter

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Have a great year Mary! South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographericon smile

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