It was so nice to meet this stunning young lady tonight. We had the most beautiful fall day. Check out her eyes!

Meet Lexi:

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer8 copy2

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer1 copy41

Absolute Favorite Place: Cancun

Biggest Celebrity Crush: Channing tatum

Favorite Reality Show: Keeping up with the kardashians

Favorite Snack Foods: buffalo chicken dip

Favorite Color: pink and blue

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer2 copy8

Most Recent Download to my ipod: crack

Best Book I’ve Read: the great gatsby

Mac or PC?: PC

If I Inherited a Million Bucks Today I would: half to spend at Victoria secret and the rest to travel

My Favorite Food is: chinese

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer3 copy6

Last Thing I Bought: chinese food lol

My Favorite Movie is: Taken

At Starbuck’s My Usual is: Salted Carmel mocha frap

My Favorite Place to Shop is: Wet seal, express, VS

Sunday Mornings You Will Find Me: at work or laying in bed

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer4 copy8

Friday night You Will Find Me: at work then with my friends

One Goal I have this Year: Is to know what I want to do when I get out of high school

Place I Most Want to Visit: Australia

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer5 copy31

Gadget I MUST Have: iPhone

Something That Makes Me Happy: Being with my friends

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Smores

Something That is Over-rated: The word YOLO

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer6 copy5

Good Luck Next Year, Lexi!!

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