I was so thrilled to work with this young lady. She is smart, beautiful and full of ideas. She knows the city like the back of her hand and amazed me with her sense of self. I have a feeling this young lady will make quite an impact on the world.

Meet Lizzie:

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer1 copy5

Absolute Favorite Place: Chautauqua, NY

Biggest Celebrity Crush: Ryan Gosling

Favorite Reality Show: I’m not a fan of reality TV

Favorite Snack Foods: Carrots and almonds (I love healthy foods!)

Favorite Color: Avocado green

Most Recent Download to my ipod: Ten Thousand Hours by Macklemore

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Best Book I’ve Read: The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Mac or PC? Mac

If I Inherited a Million Bucks Today I would: probably travel

My Favorite Food is: Chinese food

Last Thing I Bought: the iPhone 5!

My Favorite Movie is: Shawshank Redemption

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At Starbuck’s My Usual is: caramel apple spice! or caramal frappuccino

My Favorite Place to Shop is: Urban Outfitters

Sunday Mornings You Will Find Me: with my friend Reid! We hang out every Sunday

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer4 copy4

Friday night You Will Find Me: on an adventure with my friends

One Goal I have this Year: fight senioritis

Place I Most Want to Visit: Paris

Gadget I MUST Have: Cell phone

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer5 copy1

Something That Makes Me Happy: ice cream!

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: salted caramel

Something That is Over-rated: facebook

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South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer7 copy

Have a GREAT year Lizzie! Move mountains!

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