I really enjoyed my time with the senior. I honestly felt like I was in a fairy tale because she reminded me so much of Snow White! Just a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart.

Absolute Favorite Place: Lake Tahoe, CA

Biggest Celebrity Crush: Adam Levine

Favorite Reality Show:

Favorite Snack Foods: cheezits and ice cream

Favorite Color: pink

Most Recent Download to my ipod: Eye in the Sky by The Allan Parsons Project

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Best Book I’ve Read:
The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

Mac or PC? Mac

If I Inherited a Million Bucks Today I would: buy an investment property somewhere by the beach, and fix it up to my tastes for friends and family to use

My Favorite Food is: sushi, especially tuna sashimi

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Last Thing I Bought: Pink and white polka dot shorts

My Favorite Movie is: Father of the Bride with Steve Martin

At Starbuck’s My Usual is: Pumpkin Spice Latte or White Chocolate Mocha

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My Favorite Place to Shop is: Nordstroms

Sunday Mornings You Will Find Me: At Church then in the kitchen making family brunch

Friday night You Will Find Me: Usually out with friends, unless I’m feeling lazy

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One Goal I have this Year: Have a successful and fun first year at college!

Place I Most Want to Visit: Amsterdam

Gadget I MUST Have: My iPhone

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Good Luck next year Julia South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographericon smile

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