I had a great session last night with this young lady. She is a musician and a songwriter so I wanted to make sure I incorporated her passion into the session.

Meet Stephanie:

Absolute favorite place: new york city

Biggest celebrity crush: joseph morgan/ ian somerhalder

Favorite reality show: survivor

Favorite snack foods: spring rolls (I sound really asian; oh well) and pho everyday if I could

Most recent download to ipod: blinding light by switchfoot

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer3zing copy

Best book I’ve read: Catch 22

if I inherited a million bucks today I would: pay off college for both my sisters and I

My favorite food is: pho and sushi

My favorite movie is: Finding Nemo

At Starbuck’s my usual is: iced coffee sweetened with room for milk

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer1 copy2

Sunday mornings you will find me: jamming on my instruments/doing homework

Friday night you will find me: hanging out or jamming on my instruments (music addict)

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer2 copy2

One goal I have this year: be successful in college and hopefully get my music noticed.

Gadget I must have: Iphone

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer4 copy1

my favorite place to shop: guitar center and clothes at Nordstrom

Mac or pc: mac

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer5 copy

Good Luck next year!

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