The Details

My clients are looking for something different than the typical department store portrait for their family, and I enjoy providing a fun, relaxed, and memorable experience that will capture the personality that is unique to each family member.

No pressure to get the perfect shot, dragging your children to the mall during nap time, no waiting in line, and no forced smiles!  My studio is in a home like environment, where your children are comfortable and where they are free to laugh and play.  I like to give people, especially children, time to warm up and get used to me and the camera.  During children and family portrait sessions I try to take a mixture of formal and candid shots. Many clients tell me that they have fond memories of the session itself.

During family sessions I like to sit back to observe and quietly capture your family engaged and acting as you normally do. Real smiles. Real love. Real memories.

The result of our session together will be fine art photographs that you will treasure forever.

See my INVESTMENT page to choose which type of session is best for you.

When you call to book your session we will discuss location, clothing and what it is that you would like to capture during the shoot. I will give you tips on what to wear, what to bring and what to expect. It’s important that I know what you are looking for, so we will talk at great length about your session before the shoot date.

Choosing the Location

When we discuss your session we will talk about what you are looking for out of the session and that will help me to determine the location we will use.

Working With Young Children

First and foremost, this should be barrels of FUN! I will do everything I can to work at your child’s level and pace and ensure they are enjoying the experience. PLEASE make sure your child gets lots of sleep the night before the session and please don’t schedule the shoot near or during nap time! Bringing the kids with full tummies also helps!

Newborns are best photographed between 4-10 days old. Children between 15 months-2.5 years of age are usually the toughest to shoot, so be prepared for a longer session if your children are in this age range.


Think simple! Please no bright nail polish, crazy hair dos or heavy make-up. Less is ALWAYS more!
Look through the closet for bright fun clothing, accessories and any unique props you might like to bring.
If you have multiple people in the shoot try not to have everyone show up dressed in different hues, stripes, and prints. It’s not that everyone should match, but having similar colors will look much better.
If someone is sick, please reschedule.