Hey, Hey They Say It’s Your Birthday!

Hard to believe your munchkin is another year older! It comes faster EVERY year doesn’t it. Let’s capture them now before they get one second older.

Option 1:

Basic Birthday Photo Session includes:

20 minutes in the studio

1 8×10, 2 5x7s and 8 wallets (can be different images)


10% off additional prints.

limited to one child per session (additional persons will be $15 each)

(4-6 images to choose from)


Option 2 (Cake Smash OR longer session time)

Session Fee: $175.00

Session Fee includes:

1 hour session


1 8×10

8 wallets

Smash cake session are a very popular way to help celebrate a child’s 1st Birthday. Not only are they entertaining to look at in print, they are also a blast to watch and photograph! Because there is a lot involved in a  Smash Cake session (and a lot of images are shot), the session cannot be combined with any other type of session in order to hold the attention of the child.  The session will revolve around the birthday child only, no family or sibling poses can or will be included.

How a Smash Cake Session works:

2 outfits are HIGHLY recommended for any given Smash Cake Session.

We will start with portraits of the Birthday Child in the first outfit. You can dress your little one up in your favorite outfit OR think tutus, crowns, baby ties, whatever accessory you would like. We will shoot this portion of the session quickly so we save the child’s attention for the cake smash.

After those portraits are shot, I’ll ask that you change the child into the 2nd outfit for the cake. Great 2nd outfit choices are plain white onesies, baby jeans and no top, colored diaper covers, tutus, or the new “denim” diapers on the market.

Tips and More:

Outfit for the cake portion should be something simple, and that you won’t mind getting messy. I will provide a bag for the dirty clothing. A onesie or just a diaper are the most popular choices. Of course, this is entirely up to you. If you don’t mind the clothes getting messy your child can be dressed in an outfit for this portion as well.

Not all children will play in the cake, some children will actually spend more time eating the cake.There is also the possibility that you child will want very little to nothing to do with the cake, it’s OKAY! You will still have adorable images to choose from!

A cake WILL be provided and included in the session and session fee unless otherwise arranged. A $7.00 credit will be provide at the end of the session if you bring your own cake. (This must be noted at the time of booking).

At the time of booking we will discuss the colors you would like on the cake.