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Wow I have been so busy I have not posted in so long! Here are some cuties from last night. I will have to do a round up post soon!

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographertry

I had a ton of fun with this family today. I photographed their youngest as a newborn and it was so great to meet up with them again a year later to see how much she had grown.

I just love this family!


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Cute little baby N came all the way from state college to see me. She was born early so was actually three weeks old when I photographed her. She made me work, but man was it worth it!

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer1 copy3

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer2c copySouth Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer3web



Great evening tonight shooting these two cuties. What a great gift this session was, I know their Mom will cherish these images as her little ones grow.

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South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer1 copy 2


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I was just looking back at how many great people I have met and getting soooo excited for what is to come this summer!

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I had a great session last night with this young lady. She is a musician and a songwriter so I wanted to make sure I incorporated her passion into the session.

Meet Stephanie:

Absolute favorite place: new york city

Biggest celebrity crush: joseph morgan/ ian somerhalder

Favorite reality show: survivor

Favorite snack foods: spring rolls (I sound really asian; oh well) and pho everyday if I could

Most recent download to ipod: blinding light by switchfoot

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer3zing copy

Best book I’ve read: Catch 22

if I inherited a million bucks today I would: pay off college for both my sisters and I

My favorite food is: pho and sushi

My favorite movie is: Finding Nemo

At Starbuck’s my usual is: iced coffee sweetened with room for milk

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Sunday mornings you will find me: jamming on my instruments/doing homework

Friday night you will find me: hanging out or jamming on my instruments (music addict)

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One goal I have this year: be successful in college and hopefully get my music noticed.

Gadget I must have: Iphone

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer4 copy1

my favorite place to shop: guitar center and clothes at Nordstrom

Mac or pc: mac

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Good Luck next year!

I really enjoyed my time with the senior. I honestly felt like I was in a fairy tale because she reminded me so much of Snow White! Just a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart.

Absolute Favorite Place: Lake Tahoe, CA

Biggest Celebrity Crush: Adam Levine

Favorite Reality Show:

Favorite Snack Foods: cheezits and ice cream

Favorite Color: pink

Most Recent Download to my ipod: Eye in the Sky by The Allan Parsons Project

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Best Book I’ve Read:
The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

Mac or PC? Mac

If I Inherited a Million Bucks Today I would: buy an investment property somewhere by the beach, and fix it up to my tastes for friends and family to use

My Favorite Food is: sushi, especially tuna sashimi

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer2 copy1

Last Thing I Bought: Pink and white polka dot shorts

My Favorite Movie is: Father of the Bride with Steve Martin

At Starbuck’s My Usual is: Pumpkin Spice Latte or White Chocolate Mocha

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My Favorite Place to Shop is: Nordstroms

Sunday Mornings You Will Find Me: At Church then in the kitchen making family brunch

Friday night You Will Find Me: Usually out with friends, unless I’m feeling lazy

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer4 copy

One Goal I have this Year: Have a successful and fun first year at college!

Place I Most Want to Visit: Amsterdam

Gadget I MUST Have: My iPhone

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer5xfinal copy

Good Luck next year Julia South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographericon smile

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Well I am a little behind in blogging, so I will try to catch up!

This session was something else. We had to reschedule about 3 times and then just a few minutes into the session we found ourselves in the MIDDLE of a police manhunt! No Kidding!

We ran for cover and had to hide out while they apprehended the criminal!

This family had NEVER had a family photo taken so I was determined to get them one despite all of the craziness and thank goodness we went through with it because my goodness LOOK at these two kiddos!

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer3crop copy

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer2 copy

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer1 copy

Had a great night with little H tonight. He and his mom and dad were up for it all. Little H was quite a talker–I just loved his little babbling.

How cute is this family?

South Hills Mt. Lebanon Photographer1c copy

South Hills Mt. Lebanon PhotographerUntitled 1s

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It’s been a LONG time since I have blogged….whew…might need to do a recap of all of the sessions I missed blogging about!

Last night it was FINALLY warm enough to shoot outside and I was lucky to get this darling little girl to work with. She was a perfect little model.

Enjoy Mom and Dad!

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